Types of Projects We Do

Umma is dedicated to the protection and preservation of cultural history in conflict and post-conflict areas around the world.

We work with dedicated individuals and cultural partners to help create plans to protect cultural property, and to implement those plans during times of instability and conflict. We also work to build long-term local capacity through education and training. This includes supporting scholars in countries at risk and the education of the general public through the media and the arts.

Emergency Archaeological Site Protection - working with local governments and cultural partners to protect cultural history when it matters most.

Long Term Planning - helping governments and cultural partners develop plans for the long term protection of cultural history.

Education - providing books for school children in war-torn countries to educate them about the importance of their own history.

Scholars at Risk -  Helping scholars from countries in conflict find education opportunities at universities abroad, and bring that knowledge back to their own countries to build capacity.

Media - Contributing to cultural dialogue through print media, photographs and documentary and feature films that raise awareness about the importance of cultural history.